Volume & Issue: Volume 29, Issue 1, April 2021 
Effect of Green Laser Irradiation on Epididymal Camel Spermatozoa Quality Stored at 5°C

Pages 307-314

Ahmed Seioudy; Esmat Bakry Abdalla; Alaa El-Sayed Zeidan; Farouk Abdalla Khalil; Zienab Abdel-Salam; Magdy Ramadan Badr; Maiada Wagdy Allam

Design of Sprinkler Irrigation Systems Using an Expert System Program

Pages 197-210

Mohamed Alashram; Khaled elbagoury; Said Mohamed Shaaban; Ahmed abdel-aziz

Obesity Assessments of Housewives in Great Cairo, Egypt

Pages 365-373

Asmaa Abdel-Rahman; Ramadan Mahmoud; Mohamed Khallaf; Doaa H. El Sabakhawi

Phylogeny Validation for Some Egyptian Brassicaceae Endemic Species

Pages 387-399

Shaimaa Abd Elhady; Abdoallah Sharaf; Aly Salam; Khaled Abd El- Atey; Asmaa Abu Shady

Improvement of Fungal Phytase Production and Its In vitro Application in Ruminant Nutrition

Pages 315-327

NOHA HASSAAN; Abd El-Nasser khattab; M. M. Khorshed; N. E. El-Bordeny; A. A. Abedo; M. M. Shoukry

A Standard Study to Estimate the Demand and Supply of Maize in Egypt

Pages 101-113

Mahmoud Hassan Abdallah; Mosaad Ragab; Mohamed AbdelFatah; El-Sayed El-Khishin

Using Thermochemical Materials as a Heat Source for Poultry Egg Incubation

Pages 243-262

shaymaa hasan; Mahmoud Elattar; Moubark Moustafaa; Marwa Abdo

Changes in Food Expenditures in Urban and Rural Egypt

Pages 115-131

Mennat-Allah Hassan; Mohamed El-Eraky; Mohamed Kandeal

Performance Evaluation of Solar Pump for Landscape Irrigation System

Pages 211-226

ٌRofida Mohamed Rashid; Mahmoud Hegazy; Usama Bedair; Mohammed Hewidy

Competitiveness of the Egyptian Strawberry in the Global Market

Pages 83-100

Noha Mohamed Abdelallah; Salwa Abdel Moneim; hussein sarhan; Shaimaa Talaat

Patterns and Determinants of Egyptian Consumption of Meat and Fish

Pages 133-150

Awad Basiouny; Olfat melouk; Afaf Mohamed; Tamer Adlan

Effect of Using Probiotics (ZADO®) on the Productive Performance of Nile Tilapia Fish (Oreochromis niloticus)

Pages 329-339

Shahinaz Abdelaty; Mohammed Osman; Hany Gado; Nagwa Maghraby; Zeinab Aly; Ali Elnadi

Improvement of Irrigation Efficiency by Developing Surface Irrigation System

Pages 227-241

Marwa Mohamed; Mahmoud Hegazi; essam wasif; Osama Ahmed Bedir