The Effect of Price Policies on The Most Important Economic Variables for The Potato Crop in Egypt

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Aswan University, Egypt


Potato occupies a distinguished position in the Egyptian agricultural economy, whether in terms of its contribution to agricultural income or in terms of cultivated area, in addition to being one of the important food crops in the Egyptian dietary pattern in addition to being one of the most important Egyptian agricultural exports. The research aims to measure the effect of price policies on the most important economic variables of the potato crop by identifying both the productive and economic indicators of the potato crop in Egypt. The extent of deviation of the price that producers get from the real price that they must obtain. The efficiency of using agricultural resources for the potato crop. The effect of the price policy of potato crop on the product's well-being and consumer and government revenues. It was found from the results of the research that the average area cultivated with the potato crop amounted to about 317.74 thousand feddans. The feddan productivity the total production amounted to about 10.82 tons, 3477.12 thousand tons, respectively, and that the average total costs. Total income, net revenue per feddan, and farm price reached about 9554 53, 13704.05, 4149.58, and 1147.68 pounds respectively, and the ratio of total revenue to total costs. The profitability of the produced ton, and the profit of the invested pound amounted to about 1.53, 0.53 and 381.87 pounds, respectively, during the period (2000-2018), as it turned out that. The value of production inputs, the added value amounted to about 8097.89, 5606.16 pounds, and the average consumption. The amount of waste, and the surplus of the potato crop in Egypt amounted to about 2,297.89, 425.32 and 1179.22 thousand tons, respectively, and the rate of self-sufficiency of the potato crop in Egypt reached About 152.99%, the average per capita consumption of the potato crop in Egypt was about 28.51 kg / year, and the average quantity and value of exports and imports of potatoes amounted to about 418.02, 106.44 thousand tons, 145.63 and 76.47 million dollars per ton respectively, and the trade balance of potatoes reached about 7469 million Dollars during the period Previous reference to it. The nominal protection coefficient and rate and the partial equilibrium model were also estimated in order to study the effect of price policies on both the producer. The consumer, foreign trade and government revenue as a result of following a certain policy based on the indicators of welfare, efficiency and government revenue. About 0.62, 0.38, respectively, during the period (2000- 2018), as it was found that the average net economic loss. The net economic impact on society and the state, producer surplus, government revenue, and the change in foreign exchange amounted to about 247.176, 426.96, 904.352, 1309.882, 829.035 thousand pounds, respectively, during the period (2000-2018).