Competitiveness of the Egyptian Strawberry in the Global Market

Document Type : Original Article


Agricultural Economics Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt


The research targeted the competitive-ness of strawberry crop exports, the geo-graphical distribution of strawberry exports to determine the most important imported markets, and the competitiveness of Egyptian strawberry exports in the most important foreign markets. About 85.7% of the average amount of Egyptian straw-berry exports during the period (2014-2019) the most important of these coun-tries are Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Belgium, Germany and Iraq, where their market is absorbed 19.64, 7, 6.8, 6.2, 4.5, 1,000 tons, and about 27%, 9.6%, 9.4%, 9.1%, 6.3%, from the average total amount of Egyptian exports of strawberries during the study period is about 41.08 thousand tons. This means that Egypt's strawberry exports Have not enjoy a competitive advantage in the global markets, where the value of the competitive advantage index was about 6.82 million during the first period (2001-2009),and 6.83 during the second period (2010-2019).The market share index showed that the market of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Belgium Ranking the top of the list of Egyptian strawberry importers, with a market share of about 58.6%, 39.2% and 9.9% of the average total strawberry imports in those countries. The study found that Egyptian strawberries a competitive price advantage in both the Saudi market, the Belgian market and the German market compared to the most important countries competing for Egyptian strawberry exports within these Markets, the competitive advantage index of Egyptian strawberries achieved high rates in these markets compared to competing countries, explained the insta-bility factor of competition compared to the instability factor of the amount of strawberries exported to Egypt is that the average Netherlands, Spain, Italy and America are more stable, with the average instability rate in the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and America. 15.8%, 44.7%, 5.4%, 12%, show standard efficient imaging that its value was greater than zero in all years during the study period (2001-2009), the average value of about 10.2%.