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Current Issue: Volume 31, Issue 2, December 2023, Pages 157-314 

Decreasing of Monosaccharide Contents Resulted From Cold- Induced Sweetening in Tetraploid Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) Using Genome Editing

Pages 157-171

Sally Mohammed Hassan; Mohamed Abdel-Salam; ayman hanfy; Haytham Mohamed Abd-Elhalim; Nouh Ahmed; Emad Anis Metry

Increasing of Amylopectin in Tetraploid Potato Desiree Cultivar (Solanum tuberosum L.) Via CRISPR/Cas9

Pages 173-184

Nermin Mohamed Ali; Mohamed Abdel-Salam; aiman hanfy; Haytham Mohamed Abd-Elhalim; Nouh Eid Ahmed; Emad Anis Metry

A Theoretical Analysis of the Plate Heat Exchanger's Ideal Operating Conditions for Producing Soybean Milk

Pages 185-200

Omnia Elsayed Salama; Manal A. Sorour; Ashrf Abdel Galil Anwer; Mostafa Fahim Abd El-salam

Biological Adsorption and Desorption of Anionic Congo Red Dye by Nano Composite Polymer Sheets

Pages 201-215

Hagar Mohamed Magdy; Hekmat R Madian; Ahmed E Abdelhamid; Notiala Nasser; Mahmoud M Hegazi; Ahmed Labena

Harvesting Microalgae by Chitosan as Sustainable Biopolymer

Pages 217-222

Ola Ahmed Obyd; Ayman F Abou Hadid; Shawky M Selim; Tarek F El-Arabi

Phylogenetic Evolution of Egyptian Goat Breeds “Capra Hircus” Based on Mitochondrial DNA D-Loop Sequence

Pages 255-263

Eslam M. Bherey; Heba M Hassan; Adel Ellbadawy; Mahmoud M El_Maghraby; Mona M. Moghazee

Molecular Genetic Studies on Honeybees in Response to Some Environmental Stresses

Pages 265-272

Rehab Afify Mohamed; Naglaa Ebeed; Khalid Ibn Elwaleed Fahmy; Naima Koutb Alsenosy; Sawsan mohamed Abdelmegeed

Morphological and Molecular Identification of Penicillium digitatum Causing Green Mould of Citrus Fruits in Egypt

Pages 281-293

Abdalrahman Desouki; Labiba Ahmed Reda; Mohamed Abdel-Salam Rashed; Shehata Taha Shehata