Obesity Assessments of Housewives in Great Cairo, Egypt

Document Type : Original Article


1 Food Sciences Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt

2 National Institute of Nutrition, Cairo, Egypt


A cross sectional study was conducted to evaluate obesity of housewives. The Sample that comprised of 200 females was selected from different regions of great Cairo, Egypt. Age was affected the BMI of various investigated obesity classes with a high correlation. A similar finding was also detected in case of education status where such parameter was also greatly affected the BMI status. The occupation, marital status and family size did not show any significant effect in BMI. The Income parameter didn't show any significant with the BMI. So, it could be concluded that only age and education status are greatly affected the housewives obesity in the investigated sample. Life style, i.e the sports practice. The type of sport, the time spent for sport practice, the place sports practice, household works making by herself, the number of times household works practice/week, the time of sleep in day and the time of last meal before sleeping were statistically significant with the BMI. Anthropometric measurements (waist circumference, waist-to-height ratio and central obesity) are greatly affecting the BMI meaning that there is a significant difference among various investigated obesity classes owing to such anthropometric factors. Regarding to the height parameter, no significant difference was found between overweight as well as obesity class I each other, and similar finding was also found between obesity class 11as well as obesity class III. The second variable (i.e., IBW%) had no significant effect among the three obesity classes (I, II and III), while the overweight group was significantly differed rather than that of others. Considering the Central obesity variable, statistical analyses proved that no significance was detected with overweight or obesity class II. group. Similar trend was also, noticed in case of (hip circumference) in relative to obesity class I and obesity class II.