Volume & Issue: Volume 28, Issue 4, December 2020, Pages 893-1316 
Purple Blotch as Seed-Borne Disease of Onion and Its Control

Pages 1245-1255

Aya H Abo-zaid; Karima G Helmy; Hala Abdel Wahab; Magdy G El-Samman

Hydraulic Performance Analysis of Emitters Under Magnetied Saline Water Conditions

Pages 1055-1064

Zeinab Turkey; Arfa E Yeser; Khaled F Elbagoury; Mostafa Mahmoud

Assessment Of Biodiversity Among Sesame Genotypes Using ISSR and SRAP Markers

Pages 1143-1185

Nourhan Aboelnaga; Ahmed Abodoma; Lamyaa Sayed; Clara Azzam

Impact of Nanoparticles of In Vitro Propagation of Date Palm cv. Barhee by Immature Inflorescences

Pages 1187-1202

Farid M Rohim; Hassan El-Wakeel; Ahmed Abd El-Hamid; Eman A Abd El-Moniem

Effect of Some Plant Extracts on Hyperprolactinemia in Experimental Animals

Pages 1031-1039

Anan Mohamed; Magde F Tawfik; Hemmat A Ibrahim; Farouk G Moawad

The Production and Economic Efficiency of Flax in the Gharbia Governorate

Pages 989-1004

Gaber Abdullah; Mustafa Elsadany; Ehab Al-Dahlish; Ali Abdel Razek

Enhancing Tomato Plant Resistance Against Tobacco Mosaic Virus Using Riboflavin

Pages 1257-1270

Farida Mahmoud; Ahmed Bondok; Walaa Khalifa; Fawzy Abou Abbas