Synergistic Effect of Some Post-harvest Treatments and Passive Modified Atmosphere Packaging Conditions on Cold Storability of "Canino "Apricot Fruits

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Higher Institute of Agriculture Co-Operation, Egypt


The effect of some post-harvest treatments including salicylic acid (SA), Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) and antioxidants combined with two passive modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) as a supplementary cold storage treatments to extend storability and reduce chilling injury symptoms of Canino apricot (Prunus armeniaca) during storage at 1 ± 1 ºC for 21 days followed by 5 days at 18 ± 2 ºC as a marketing condition simulation, was evaluated during 2018 and 2019 seasons. Physical properties, greatly affected with both factors of study. The great effect in this respect was obtained with 1 mM SA and 0.4% PEG plus polypropylene film as type of passive modified atmosphere during cold storage and marketing period. These treatments affected by decreasing discarded %, chilling injury (scale) and weight loss %, whereas fruit firmness were highest values. Packed apricots of polypropylene film and treated by 0.4% PEG, 1.0 mM SA and combined of ascorbic and citric acids (1:0.5) significantly promote fruit quality properties , increased TSS, phenols and carotenoides components values and decreased total acidity values, in addition, it reduces the decrease in the ascorbic acid content . Also, were more effective in increasing activity of peroxidase and catalase enzymes, in addition to reducing electrolyte leakage values and respiration rate. Controlling chilling injury, minimizing electrolyte leakage, respiration rate and protected cell walls as well as improve enzymes activity are considered a good indicators to increase storage longevity and high quality. So, it could be suggested that, salicylic acid at 1.0 mM or Polyethylene Glycol at 0.4 % and packed with passive modified atmosphere (polypropylene film,) were more effective in reducing fruit losses, decay `and keeping quality of “Canino” apricot fruits through cold storage at 1 ± 1 ºC for 21 days followed by 5 days at 18 ± 2 ºC as a marketing condition simulation.