Hydraulic Performance Analysis of Emitters Under Magnetied Saline Water Conditions

Document Type : Original Article


1 Irrigation and Drainage Engineering Dept., Agric. Eng., Res. Institute, Dokki , Giza, Egypt

2 Agric. Eng. Dept., Fac. Agric., Ain Shams Univ., Egypt


Laboratory experiments were carried out at the National Irrigation Laboratory of Agricultural Engineering Research Institute (AENRI), Dokki, Giza Governorate. to evaluate the influence of magnetic water treatment (MWT) on the hydraulic performance for emitters , study the characteristics of saline water (chemicals ,physical ) such as (EC, TDS, pH, density ,velocity and viscosity ) after magnetic at a different distance, and calculate the clogging ratio concentration of water salinity (0.343 dSm-1 (S1), 3.125 dSm-1 (S2), 5 dSm -1 (S3) and 6.25 dSm-1 (S4)) with Untreated magnetism and magnetism. Results of this study indicated that the using of MWT caused higher uniformity from (96.11% to 94.88%, 95.50% to 90.83% , 94.51 %to 88.59% . 94.15% to 86.59% ) at the beginning and end of experiment for magnetic treatment and Eu (95.75% to 92.69% ,94.96% to 86.12% , 95.56 %to 80.14% ,95.39% to 75.29% ) at the beginning and end of experiment for magnetic untreated for S1, S2 ,S3 and S4, respectively .Also, using the MWT led to increase in average flow rate compared to non-magnetic water from (4.69l/h to 4.41l/h), (4.64 l/h to 4.18 l/h ),(4.41to 4.33 l/h ) and (4.38 to 4.19l/h) with magnetically treated for different concentrations of saline water. On the other hand chemical properties values like (EC and TDS) were not change after using magnetic therapy, but the pH value increased after treatment from ( 7.30 to 7.64 before and after magnetic treated ,(7.53 to 7.68 ),(8.04 to 8.17) ,(7.59 to7.95 ) under different water treatment . In addition to, the physical analysis (density and viscosity) of salinity water were decreased with magnetic treated and the velocity was no significant effect before and after magnetic which the average value (1.42ms-1to 1.45ms-1) for control and magnetic treatment. Finally, the clogging ratio of emitters (%) with the magnetic treatment was less than untreated magnetic