Volume & Issue: Volume 31, Issue 1, June 2023 
Residue Assessment of Bifenazate, Spirodiclofen and Abamectin in Strawberry Fruits Under Field Conditions

Pages 149-156

Eman Abdelmaksoud; Walaa Elsayed; Shoukry Elrefai; kadry mahmoud; Khaled MA Ramadan

Production of Functional Ice Cream Using Camel Milk Fat Fractions

Pages 89-100

Alaa Abutaha; Gehan Ali Mustafa Hussein; Marwa Mohammed Desouky; Rezk Awad

Predicting and Optimizing Tillage Draft Using Artificial Network Technique

Pages 15-28

Yasmin Shehta; Nabil Awady; Abdel-Fadil Kabany; Mohammed Abd-Elwahed; Waleed Elhelew

Stenotrophomonas rhizophila a Novel Plant-Associated Bacterium With Distinguished PGPRs Properties

Pages 41-50

Asmaa A.Elatif Elhosieny; Mona S. Zayed; Shawky M Selim; Ayman M Yassen; Norhan H. Abdel Aziz

Effect of Gamma Radiation on Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine in Callus and Suspension Cultures of Ephedra alata

Pages 101-109

Naglaa Abdallah Abdelsalam; mona Abd El-Aal; mohamed Aboul Fotouh; mohamed Reda; Ibrahim Safe