Production of Functional Ice Cream Using Camel Milk Fat Fractions

Document Type : Original Article


1 Dairy Unit, Breeding Department, Animal Production Division, Desert Research Center, Matariya, 11753, Cairo, Egypt.

2 Food Science Department., Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams University., Cairo, Egypt.

3 Food Science department, Faculty of agriculture, Ain shams university, Cairo, Egypt


This work aims to examine the quality features of functional cam-el ice cream (8% fat) prepared by replacing the cream with a solid milk fat fraction (SMF), a liquid milk fat fraction (LMF) and LMF: SMF (2:1 v/v) in the ice cream mixtures. All samples were assessed for their physiochemical and rheological characteristics and the sensory quality of the ice cream mixtures and resulting ice cream. The results clarified that the type of milk fat fraction affected the viscosity of the ice cream mixtures. Also, the whipping ability decreased gradually with the increasing slip melting point of the fraction used. The use of SMF in the ice cream mix decreased the adsorption of protein and fat destabilization, characterized by the slowest melting compared to ice cream with other milk fat sources. The highest and lowest hardness values were found in ice cream mixtures made with SMF and LMF, respectively. In conclusion, ice cream was successfully made by replacing the milk cream fat fractions. Cream substitution with SMF followed by LMF: SMF (2:1 v/v) is recommended in arid and semi-arid regions and improved the whipping ability, overrun, and flavor scores, which were lower when using SMF.