Effect of Pruning Levels on Yield and Fruit Quality of Melody (Blagratwo) Seedless Table Grape Cultivar

Document Type : Original Article


1 Horticulture Dept, Fac of Agric, Ain Shams Univ, P.O. Box 68, Hadayek Shoubra 11241, Cairo, Egypt

2 Plant Production Dept, Desert Research Center, Cairo, Egypt


Three years old uniform vines for cv. "Melody syn. Blagratwo" seedless table grape were selected, and three levels of bud load were trimmed, namely 60, 72, and 78 buds/ vine. The findings revealed that vegetative growth traits, characteristics of yield and bunch quality were significantly affected by all different pruning levels of cane length in both seasons of this study. Highest bud load vines (78 buds/vine) produced the greatest yield and cluster number but had a negative effect on the percentage of bud behavior, shoot thickness, shoot length, weight of annual pruning (Kg/vine), cluster and berry quality parameters. In contrast, lowest vine bud load (78 buds/vine) had a better bud behavior, vegetative growth traits, cluster characteristics and berry characteristics but both bunch numbers and yield were reduced. In addition, vines pruned with bud load of 72 buds per vine significantly showed the best outcomes, since it successfully struck a balance be-tween features of vegetative growth, yield, cluster and berry physical and quality attributes in both seasons.