Volume & Issue: Volume 30, Issue 2, December 2022 
Investigate the Role of Rye Nutrition in the Weight Production of Turkish Sheep

Pages 245-250

Mohammad Fawad Farzam; Noorullah Zahid; Mohammad Hassan Abedi; Gulaqa Anwari

Effects of Irrigation Systems on Sugar Beet Yield

Pages 185-194

Alaa Kassem; Abdel-Ghany M El-Gindy; Ahmed IA Hassan

Effect of Different Nitrogen Rates on Gray Water and Water Footprint to Potato

Pages 297-305

Mai Abd Elsalam; ahmed Farag; mohamed El-Shinawy; Ayman F Abou-Hadid

AquaCrop Model Enhancement under Soil Mulching Practices Considering Soil Temperature Effect

Pages 195-208

Sobhy Mahmoud; Yasser Arafa; Ahmed Abo El-Hassan abdel aziz; Abdel-Ghany Mohamed El-Gindy

Evaluation of Inbred Lines of Maize in a Diallel Cross under Normal Condition and Drought Stress

Pages 215-228

Muhammed Abd-Elnaser; Mostafa Fazaa; Samir Saleh; Mohamed Abdelsalam; Mahmoud Shawky

Evaluation of a Solar Water Distiller Coupled with Solar Evacuated Tubes

Pages 329-341

Israa Eldehn; Mubarak Mustafa; Mohamed Atia; Mohamed Salama; Yehia Galal; Mohamed Hussein

DNA Barcoding for Some Medicinal Plants in the El-Omayed Biosphere Reserve

Pages 259-269

Reham Nabil; Mohamed Rashed; Mahmoud Elmosallamy; Esraa Elsherbeny