Investigate the Role of Rye Nutrition in the Weight Production of Turkish Sheep

Document Type : Short Communication


1 Animal Science Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Takhar University, Afghanistan

2 Animal Science Department , Faculty of Agriculture, Kunduz University, Afghanistan

3 Agronomy Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Kunduz University 3501, Afghanistan


The main objectives of this study were to use rye grain in the diet of Turkish sheep as a substitute for barley grain and to understand the bio-logical value of rye in feeding lambs and weight gain. Animals were divided into 3 experimental groups with 3 replicates in each group. Control group (T1) received standard diet with barely grain while groups T2 and T3 fed on diets with substitution of 20 and 30% barely grain by rye grain. The results of the study showed that lambs fed on 20% rye seeds have a significant high-er weight gain as a results of better feed intake and feed conversion.