Volume & Issue: Volume 30, Issue 1, June 2022 
Evaluation of Some Indeterminate Exotic Genotypes of Tomato

Pages 117-127

Wafaa Elsadek; Mohamed Elshinawy; Salah Eldin Elminiawy; Fahima Ayoub

Utilization of Agro-Wastes for Bioethanol Production

Pages 43-53

Sodaf Maan; Abdelwahab Abdelhafez; Asmaa S Ahmed; Enas Hassan

Effect of Variable Frequency Drive and Pipe Materials on Guava Juice Flow

Pages 29-41

Shereen Shalaby; Mubarak Mustafa; Yahiya Heikal; Mahmoud El Attar

Isolation and Identification of Some Egyptian Ectomycorrhizal Sporocarps

Pages 55-59

Aya Ahmed; Shawky Selim; Mona Zayed; Asmaa S Ahmed; Dalia Abd El-Fattah