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Food Sci. Dept., Fac. of Agric., Ain Shams University, Shoubra El-Kheima, Cairo, Egypt


Natural antioxidants have gained considerable interest in recent years for their role in preventing the auto oxidation of fats, oils and fat containing food products. In this study, six spices containing natural antioxidants were evaluated for their re-tarding fat oxidation compared to butylated hy-droxyl toluene (BHT). The yield obtained from water extract of the tested spices ranged between 20% and 50 %. Carob gave the highest yield fol-lowed by anise and cinnamon, then caraway and fennel, while ginger gave the lowest yield .The free radical scavenging activities measured by 2-diphenyl-1-picryl-hydrazyl (DPPH) were 88.08%, 81.69%, 79.62% , 78.93% , 73.06% , and 71.50 % for cinnamon, anise, carob, caraway ginger, and fennel, respectively at concentration of 2250 μg/ml. Cinnamon showed higher antioxidant ac-tivity on linoleic acid oxidation than BHT fol-lowed by anise, carob and ginger. While, fennel and caraway recorded closely antioxidant activity to that of BHT at low concentration of 100 μg/ml. Total phenolic content of the tested spices varied ranging from 11.19 to 22.95 mg as gallic acid / gm dry extract in carob and caraway, respectively. Depending upon the sensory evaluation of crois-sant containing different levels of tested spices, a concentration of 1.5% of anise, caraway fennel and cinnamon was chosen, while the chosen con-centration of ginger was 2.5% and carob was 1% for testing their effectiveness against oxidation of lipid in croissant. However, a concentration of 2% of anise, fennel, ginger and carob was chosen while, the chosen concentration of caraway and cinnamon was 1% for testing their effectiveness against oxidation of lipid in filling cream. Addi-tion of tested spices gave an excellent antioxidant effect on croissant and filling cream compared with the effect of BHT. The increase in both per-oxide and acid values after 14 and 28 days respec-tively were lower than of control and BHT. Carob, ginger, caraway and cinnamon were more effec-tive in controlling lipid oxidation during storage. In conclusion addition of tested spices as sources of effective natural antioxidants retarded lipid oxi-dation and maintain the quality of croissant and filling cream during storage.