Efficiency impact of chicken manure and its tea under chemical NPK fertilizers regime on yield and quality of Molokhia (Jew’s mellow)

Document Type : Original Article


Botany Department “Organic Agriculture”, Agricultural Faculty, Damietta University


Two field experiments were conducted to assess chicken manure (Ch.M.) and its tea on quantity and quality yield of Molokhia (Jew’s mellow) plant during two summer seasons of 2017 and 2018 in Fac. of Agric. -El-Shatby- Alexandria University. This investigate aimed to compare between chicken manure (Ch.M.R 100% and R50%) , chicken manure tea (R100% and R50%) and the mixture of them (R50% of Ch.M. + R50% of its tea) under four levels (NPK0 % , NPK30%, NPK60% and NPK100%) of chemical fertilizers. Every experiment was carried out with 13 treatments in a randomized complete block design (RCBD) with three replicates (total plot area= 2&1=2m2). The results indicated that, chicken manure tea 100% + 30% NPK(T6) gave the highest mean values of vegetative growth i.e. plant height (92.0cm), number of leaves/plant (29.5), leaf length (13.87 cm), increases in vitamin C. (110.77 mg/g F.W.) and dry weight of leaves (10.25 g) as an average of both seasons. While the mixture of “chicken manure 50% and chicken manure tea 50 %” + 30 % NPK (T10) lead to significant increases in fresh leave weight (49.84 g/plant) and total yield of fresh leaves (4.7 kg/ plot) as an average of both seasons. Highest increases in P uptake (1.37mg/g) and K uptake (20.27 mg/g) either chicken manure 100% (T1) or the mixture of “chicken manure 50% and chicken manure tea 50 %” T9, respectively. The maximum N uptake (2.79 mg/g), total chlorophyll in leaves (47.44 SPAD) and leave width (6.82 cm) as an average of both seasons by the mixture of “chicken manure 50 % and chicken manure tea 50 %” + 100 % NPK (T12) compared with the control once. Organic plants “safe food” produced with organic fertilizers and their teas really supply more nutrients and vitamins “chemical free” and health protective so used sustainably in food and environmental friendly.