Effect of seaweed extract and biofertilizer on organic production of common bean seeds (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

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1 Horticulture Dept., Fac. of Agriculture, Ain Shams Univ.

2 Hort. Dept., Fac. Agric., Ain Shams Univ.

3 Hort. Dept., Fac.. Agric., Ain Shams Univ.


At the Experimental Farm, Agriculture Faculty, University of Ain Shams, Qaliobia Governorate, Egypt, in order to investigate the influence of biofertilizer ( Bio. ); Rhizobium ( R ), mycorrhiza ( MF ), R + MF and control, seaweed extract (SWE) concentration (zero, one, two and four gram per liter) and their interactions on vegetative growth, productivity and quality of seed common bean cv. Nebraska. Before planting, the seeds were soaked in MF (glomus sp.) and sown on the first of March 2016 and 2017 seasons respectively. The experimental plot area was seven m2 (four rows). The length of each row was 2.5 m and width of 0.7 m. The plant's distance was seven cm on one side, and an alley (one width m) was left as a border between the treatments. After two weeks of planting, young plant were inoculated with R phaseolus after the first irrigation. Plants were sprayed three times of SWE (30, 45 and 60 days) after sowing. A split plot design with four replicates was used; where the main plots are Bio treatments and the subplots are SWE treatments. The obtained results clearly indicated that different applied treatments increased measured growth characteristics (No. leaves/ plant, leaf area and total chlorophyll (SPDS)), the yield and components of yield (No. pods/plant, seed yield /plant and seed yield) and chemical constituents (total protein, carbohydrates, nitrogen and phosphorus) in seed after harvest. As well as, the best results were obtained by interactions between SWE (two and four gram per liter) and Bio. (R + MF) treatments in the two assigned seasons So adding combination between Bio. ( R + MF ) and SWE (two or four g) to improve vegetative growth, productivity and quality of common bean seed could be recommended under organic system ( conversion to organic agriculture ).