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Department of Rural Sociology & Agricultural Extension, Faculty of Agriculture, Assiut University, Assiut, Egypt


This research attempts generally to discuss the readiness for using social media in agricultural extension in Assiut governorate, and it endeavors particularly to reach the following aims: (1) Measuring readiness of the extension organization in Assiut governorate to start providing agricultural extension services using social media from the viewpoint of extension employees; (2) Exploring the willingness of farmers in some villages in Assiut governorate to obtain agricultural extension services using social media, and to identify the most significant determinants of the willingness to use social media; (3) Knowing about the respondents’ views about the advantages, disadvantages and suggestions of using social media in agricultural extension. The study was conducted on two groups of respondents who use at least one of social media tools; the first was comprised of 86 extension employees in Assiut governorate, and the second was a sample of 120 farmers selected from four villages in Assiut governorate. Data were collected using questionnaire form during the  
period from November to December 2018. Frequencies, percentages, arithmetic mean, and stepwise multiple regression analysis were used for data presentation and analysis. The results indicated a decrease in the extension organization’s readiness for using social media from the viewpoint of extension employees, while farmers have a high willingness to use social media to obtain extension services. Therefore, it is necessary to use the recommendations of improving the extension organization’s reediness to use social media, in order to exploit the high willingness of farmers, and start using social media to provide extension services in Assiut governorate through implementing an initial initiative through farmers who use social media, and then the initiative can be expanded to include non-users through their family members who are using social media, taking into account the respondents’ suggestions for the successful use of social media in the provision of agricultural extension services. 


Volume 27, Issue 3
Agric. Economic Nos. 105 …. 112 pp. 1263-1369 Rural Sociology No. 143 pp. 1783-1801 Agric. Biochemistry Nos. 144 … 146 pp. 1803-1841 Agric. Biochemistry Nos. 144 … 146 pp. 1803-1841 Agric. Engineering Nos. 147 … 149 pp. 1843-1880
September 2019
Pages 1783-1801