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Vegetable Res. Dept., Hort. Res. Inst., Agric. Res. Center, Giza, Egypt


Two field experiments were conducted during the two successive seasons of 2011/2012 at the Experimental Farm, Kaha station, Qulubia Governorate to study the effect of using four levels of water regime ,i.e. 60%, 80%, 100 and 120% from class A pan evaporation and five safety materials, i.e. water (as control),amino-z, lithovit (a natural intensified CO2 foliar fertilizer ) as foliar spray on snap bean plants as well as the biofertilize mycorrhizal as a seed treatment before sowing and sap material as a absorbent polymer to increase with holding water capacity before sowing and the effect of that on growth, green snap bean yield Poulista cv ., physical and chemical characters as well as water use efficiency. The results indicated that, mycorrhizal seed treatment, lithovit foliar spray and soil treatment with sap material gave the highest values of green pod characters as well as the vegetative growth, in addition all the safety material used led to significant increment on pod yield and the favorable treatments were obtained by using sap material and foliar spray with amino -z. Concerning to using safety materials with water regime levels, it was found that, spraying snap bean plants with amino- z and irrigation with 120% levels from class A pan evaporation was the superior treatment on green pod yield followed by soil treatment with sap material with 60% of water level. Regarding to the mean of green pod weight, the results showed that treating seed with mycorrhizal and 120% level of water regime gave the highest values during the two seasons, then the treatment of foliar spray with lithovite with 80% level of water regime and the treatment by sap soil treatments with supplied by 60% of water irrigation. Concerning to water use efficiency, the data showed that supplied the plants with the highest amount of water 120% and 100% from water irrigation decreased the values of water use efficiency, on the contrary , it can obtained the highest values of water use efficiency from water supplied with 60% then 80% calculated by class A pan evaporation method. Regarding to the effect of safety material on water use efficiency, it was found that, sap treatment or foliar spray with amino-z then, mycorrhizal treatments gave the highest value of water use efficiency. Generally, it can recommend by using sap material of soil addition before sowing and foliar spray by amino- z followed by treating the seeds with mycorrhizal with irrigation level 60% or 80%to obtained the favorable green pod yield and the favorable water use efficiency.