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Agricultural Economics Dept., Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt


The study showed the the importance of the effect of seasonality in determining the amounts received for the transit market of vegetable crops in Egypt. As it turned out great linkage between the quantities and prices of vegetables in the transit market, which reflects the importance of reconsidering the random cropping and where there is no minimum or organizing thread. Where it should be to regulate the use of agricultural resources limited to Egypt and so achieve the maximum return for producers and consumers and the marketer and reduces wastage of resources in making a glitch between supply and demand, resulting in higher prices hurt consumer Login or drop in prices hurt farmers' incomes. It is worth noting that the changes in the agricultural sector, which is the main activity in the Egyptian countryside, especially in the light of economic liberalization policies such as the abolition of support for agricultural inputs, and the liberalization of prices of agricultural and left are determined by market forces, with the demolition of Tzawar marketing system for Khaddrady to irregular or balance of supply with the demand after the policy of economic liberalization in the agriculture sector, which increased from large fluctuations in prices as a result of increasing the gap between
supply and  demand for agricultural commodities, and all of these reasons have led to an increase in poverty in the countryside and in Egypt in particular. This reflects the importance of Tzawar marketing system and return to the installation Almsola Central, which balances the needs of the consumer growing and limited agricultural resources by reducing the size of the gap between supply and demand, which reduces the price differences during the months of the year and which is reflected in the increase in income and welfare of the consumer and the producer together. The return of the agricultural cycle of the most important requirements for achieving balance in the prices of vegetables in Egypt and reduces loss in the limited agricultural resources and achieve the protection of soil fertility and reduces the need for fertilizers and pesticides. This regulation of the market productive agricultural reduce the imbalance between supply and demand, which increases the efficiency of the distribution of the use of agricultural resources among the wider use of alternative optimal resource allocation and reduce the waste of limited agricultural resources. Decreases as well as huge losses for producers and consumers at the micro level as well to reduce the negative effects on the macro level by reducing imports and increasing exports, where there is improved efficiency performance in the Egyptian agricultural sector at the micro level and kidneys.