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1 Department of Economic the High Instute of Admin Siences, Sohage, Egypt

2 Agric. Research Center. Sohage, Egypt

3 Agricultural Economics Research, Institute, Agric., Research, Center, Dokki, Giza, Egypt


Oil crops occupies an important place in theEgyptian Agricultural Savin, come to their importance in the demand derived from the demand for the production of food plant oils , which form a pattern prevailed for the Egyptian consumers, some oil crops grown for the use of its products for the purposes of bilateral or trilateral.
The peanut harvest of export crops important addition to being  one of the many crops to use and is characterized by high net yield of it compared to other crops.
The research Targeting answer to previous questions and to try to develop solutions to overcome the problems that hinder the increased production of the crop peanuts in Egypt, especially as it crops which enjoys high quality in the territories does not bestow the cultivation of other field crops, as research aims to identify the most influential variable in response farmers to grow the crop and the study of functions and production costs for this crop.
The results indicate that the average annual area planted peanuts estimated at about 137, 70
feddan during the period (2009-2012), the average productivity Per feddan  which is estimated at 17.59 Ardeb, while the average production of about 4352,20 million Ardeb for the same period referred to, Results also indicated response function width of the crop that the most important economic factors affecting the area planted peanuts in Egypt is the net yield per feddan of maize crop summer, summer tomatoes, sesame. The estimated production functions and costs for the three classes of possessory crop in the study sample.
Finally, research suggests the following:
1- The development of varieties of high productivity copes with the Egyptian conditions with the application of Modern Technology in Agricultural Methods with the help of research organizations and Agricultural extension.
2- Work to increase the Organic fertilizer and reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer where it leads to increased production and reduced costs as indicated by the results of the study sample.
 3- Encourage the establishment of factories involved in manufacturing main production areas such as the provinces of Nubaria and Lower Egypt (El-Beheira – El-Sharkeya - Ismailia) to encourage farmers to increase their production and supply at affordable prices.