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1 Agron. Dept. Fac. Agric. Al-Azhar Univ., Cairo, Egypt

2 Ministry of Agric. Giza, Egypt


Three experiments for to pot ond one field experiment were carried out at Agric. Res. Station, Fac. Agric., Al-Azhar Univ. Nasr City and El-Aklag region, Kaliobia Governorate, Egypt, during 2011/2012, 2012/2013 and 2013/2014 to investigate the influence of mineral nitrogen fertilizer and biological ones i.e. Cerialen and Biogen under foliar spraying with Cysteine on the productivity of three wheat varieties (Sakha-93. Masry-1 and Banisweif). The studied treatments were recommended dose of N (75 kg N/fed., F1), recommended dose of N. fertilizer + Cysteine at the rate of 150 ppm (F2) 50% recommended dose of N fertilizer + Cerialine + Cysteine (F3) and 50% recommended dose of N fertilizer + biogen + Cysteine (F4).
Complete randomized design was applied for the pot experiments, whereas split plot design was conducted for the experimental field.
The results revealed that the difference between the investigated varieties due to plant height (cm) and flag leaf area (cm2) was substantial. Sakha-93 var. pronounced its superiority due to the both studied growth characters during the pot and field experiment.
F2 treatment located the first order and gave the tallest wheat plants, whereas F4 treatment awarded the largest area of flag leaf, during the three experimental seasons.
Yield and yield components parameters (No of grains/spike, 1000-grain weight (g), grain yield (g/plant in pots and ardab/fed. in field), straw yield (g/plant and ton/fed. in field) and biological yield (g/plant in pots and ton/fed. in field ) differed significantly between varieties. the maximum value were obtained from Sakha-93 and Masry-1, while the minimum ones associated with Baniswif variety, through the three experimental seasons. With the exception of straw yield either pot experiments or the field one,
F2 and F4 treatments resulted in the heighest data for the previous yield and yield components parameters. The effect for the first order interaction (Var. x Fert.) on the studied characters differed with the characters difference (significant or non-significant) as shown from the obtained results during the three experimental seasons.