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Economic and Social Studies Division, Department of Economic Studies, Desert Research Center, Cairo, Egypt


The agricultural sector is one of the most important national sectors of the economy as it provides food for humans, raw materials for the industrial sector, in addition to its contribution in Egyptian export. Facing the agricultural sector, losses of more than 16% of the total value of production, and aims of this research estimating were estimated as about tomatoes at the farm area. Nubaria level during the stages of production and marketing. The research used data of a sample of farms in Nubaria area in addition to secondary data from published and unpublished  data as used by various government agencies of the Ministry of Agriculture as well as agricultural management centers in Nubaria area records,  findings of the research were  that average loss of production per acre  during agricultural operations estimated was about 3.35, 2.7 tons of  summer and winter tomatoes  losses we are due to two main reasons,  bad weather and  bad of service operations, the responsibility of each was about 0.856, 2.50 tons per acre of summer tomato and about 0.478, 2.24 tons per acre of winter tomatoes crop, respectively, and losses  bad  operations service,  resulted from of pest control, fertilization, and spacing intervals between plant, irrigation, poor performance of mechanical operations, the average waste of summer tomatoes were about 2.22 tons per feddan, representing about 7.5% of the average production per feddan amounting to 29.5 tons, has resulted in the losses during in marketing operations conducted by farmers , such as collection, packaging, transportation, sales in the wholesale markets, and the average loss amounted for winter tomatoes about 1.99 tons, representing about 7.05% of the average production per acre amounting to 28 tonnes, and this loss resulted to the same previous reasons, and reached the resulting loss the cost of the production losses incurred by the farmers sample to produce the quantity that has been lost for tomato summer 95.5 thousand pounds, tomatoes winter 49.9 thousand pounds, and amounted to a loss in the growers sample income due to the loss of about 76.7,160 thousand pounds for each of tomato summer tomatoes winter on respectively, and amounted to loss of irrigation water as a result of this loss of about 55.18, 24.62 thousand cubic meters for each of tomato summer tomatoes winter, respectively, and the most important recommendations concern operations Pest Control to limit the spread Tota Zisiluta worm which leads to high losses in tomato, work on the existence of centers marketing grouped close to reduce the period between harvesting and transportation, to develop the collection, packaging, transportation and choose a trained labor for harvesting methods. Key words: loss and water amount and economic estimation and cost.