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Higher Institute for Agricultural Cooperation, Cairo, Egypt


The research aims at examine the extent to achieve the desired objectives for the development of village and rural human development and the human element, which did not take adequate attention, especially in the aspect of improving the quality of life in spite of the expansion of services horizontally. There are also many evidence of the existence of a development gap between rural and urban areas, and the most important manifestations of this deficiency, illiteracy and poor health conditions, and the spread of unemployment and lack of employment opportunities. As it turns out there is a strong correlation between the human development index and all of the education manuals on GDP and guide health, has turnover of the link between the human development index and all of the evidence mentioned as 0.95, 0.84, 0.79  respectively, and All transactions have moral link at 1%. It is clear that the relationship between education and human development index, where the power that education guide associated HDI
extrusive very strong link, followed by the gross
domestic product guide, then the life expectancy index. It is clear from this that it must be focus on education and reform and to promote it in the countryside,
The most important component of the human development index factors. found evidence also of statistical moral relationship regression to the influence of both the education and health guide and GDP on the Human Development Index, it has been possible to reach the relationship regression and showing moral influence exponential previous variables on the Human Development Index, a logical relationship also indicates coefficient of determination rate to be 98% of the changes in the value of the HDI due to change in the three sub-directories. It emerged from Manuitin test results for comparison to the values of the HDI revised each and Lower Egypt face and Total Republic that there is no significant difference between the Upper and sea at the moral level of 5%, as well as there was no significant difference between the Lower and Egypt on the same moral level, but that there significant difference between Upper Egypt and the moral level of 5%, which means that there is a difference between the normal human development index and revised between Upper Egypt and the total Republic.